Sort PDF Pages

How To Sort PDF Pages [Tutorial]

PDF is a great format for scanning not only books but also images, ID cards, other documents and even a mixture of all. The “problems” arise when you make a mistake while scanning. Mistakes like leaving out a page, etc.

Most of the time, you really don’t want to cancel the scanning job and start anew, so you just go with the flow. And in the resulting PDF document, you have the pages in the wrong order.

Luckily, PDF2Go is there to help you. If you scanned different documents in the wrong or a random order or received a PDF that you don’t like in the page order it is, you can sort PDF pages easily with this free online service. 

Re-Order PDF Pages

PDF2Go provides an easy way to re-order or re-arrange pages inside a PDF document without altering the content.

There are no additional settings or extra options that have to be kept in mind. We made it as easy for you as possible. How so? Each page of the PDF will be displayed as a thumbnail. That way, you will have a good overview of the single pages. Now, all you have to do is drag and drop the pages where you want them. Easy, right?

Furthermore, you can delete single pages from the whole document, but this function will be explained in another article.

How To Sort The Pages Of A PDF?

Now, let’s have a look at how to re-order the pages of your document. It’s quite easy, as you will see:

  1. Go to
  2. Upload your file. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a PDF, but keep in mind that the document should contain multiple pages or, in case of a TIFF image, for example, multiple layers. The output, however, will always be a PDF.
  3. Reorder the pages via drag & drop using the thumbnails created of the single pages or images.
  4. Click on “Save” and again on the “Save” button in the menu. You can download the PDF once the ordering process is done.
  5. Alternatively, click on the respective buttons to sort the pages ascending or descending.