How To Use PDF2Go Like A Pro [Tutorial]

In the past, we have provided several tutorials on how to use PDF2Go’s various PDF editing features. Converting from and to PDF is just as easy as merging two PDF’s into one or protecting your document with a password.

But now we want to turn you into a PDF2Go expert! Instead of using one feature after the other, going through the upload process, again and again, use PDF2Go like a pro! 

Use PDF2Go Like An Expert

You converted a Microsoft Word document to PDF using our PDF converter. Great, now you have turned your document into a print-ready, easy-to-send document that will not change its formatting anymore.

However, there are pages in your new PDF that you want to remove when you send the file to your friends, someone at work, or to the officials. So what do you do? You download your PDF and then go to Sort & Delete and upload your PDF file…

… Wrong!

With our new “further editing” feature, you can immediately further edit your file without having to download the intermediate steps!

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Let’s do a little step-by-step on how you can use this new function. For our example, we want to first convert an OpenOffice document from ODT to PDF and then change the paper size from A4 to A5.

1. Go to PDF2Go.com/Convert-To-PDF and upload your file. Click on “Save Changes” and wait until your document is converted.

2. Now, instead of downloading your file, you can choose the next function. Thus, we selected “Change PDF Page Size”. A new tab will open in your browser.

3. In the new tab, the Resize PDF page will open with our now converted PDF already transferred. Now, choose the paper size you need or want and click on “Save Changes”. After a short while, we are redirected to the download page.

4. Now you can download your converted and resized PDF. Or, if you are using a cloud service, you can upload it to your Google Drive storage or Dropbox account. And, of course, you can edit your file even further!