Convert PDF to Word

How To Convert From PDF To Word [Tutorial]

Imagine this: You were sent a PDF document but there are some mistakes in the text you want to correct right away without making a sticky note first. But you can’t because it’s a PDF and PDFs are not editable.

Now imagine that we have a solution for this problem: Convert your PDF file to Word DOC, DOCX or another document format!

If you want to make a PDF re-editable again, check out the following tutorial. And yes, you can do it online without installing any program – and for free. 

Convert From PDF To Word

Online PDF to Word converters like PDF2Go are easy to handle and deliver a fully converted Word document to you. They are a good and free alternative to downloading a program or copying and pasting a PDF page by page by hand.

On you can convert from PDF to other formats like images, presentations and, of course, documents. The following formats are available:

  • DOCX (Microsoft Word 2007 – 2013)
  • DOC Microsoft Word 2003 and older)
  • ODT (OpenDocument)
  • RTF
  • TXT

The function found under is specifically designed to convert your PDF documents to the Microsoft Word format even.

Before we dive into the tutorial, however, please keep in mind that no protected PDF files can be converted. Some PDF files can be DRM protected or use password protection to prevent people from copying, printing or editing the document. Unfortunately, those cannot be converted to Word, unless you know the password.

How To Turn A PDF Into Word

Got to Here you have two options:

  • Use the “Convert from PDF” function.
  • Use the “PDF To Word” function directly.
  • Upload your document on the page that opens.

In the drop-down menu under “Optional Settings“, you can now choose the document format you want to convert your PDF into. We will choose DOC so we can easily open it in our Microsoft Word program.

Now, click on “Save Changes”.

On the next page, you can decide what you want to do with your file:

  • Download the DOC file.
  • Edit the DOC file further (rotate pages, split, merge – but be aware that the output will be a PDF file again).
  • Save the DOC file to Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Download the DOC file as a ZIP archive (this is especially helpful if you convert several files at once).


If you open both files, the DOC and PDF, side by side now, you will see that there is are hardly any differences between the two.

Keep in mind though that DOC is now considered a “discontinued” file format. Thus, formatting errors may occur in the text, or the alignment of images might be changed. Yet, the good thing about converting to DOC is that you can easily make these minor adjustments in Word! The most important thing is the correct transfer of the text content of the file anyway.

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