Share PDFs on Facebook! [Tutorial]

Due to the rigid formatting and the wide distribution of PDF files, this format became very popular to share different kinds of information. Chapters of school books, essays, handouts for presentations, tutorials, manuals, … These are just some examples of what you can find on the internet  in the PDF format.

Now, how do we share such information? Sure, there is always the option of sending documents via e-mail, but more often than that, we use social media to share information – at least nowadays. Thus, we will now have a look on how to share PDF documents directly on Facebook. 

Share Your PDF Document On Facebook

To share a PDF on Facebook, we suggest using PDFSharing.com. This service has one major advantage over other file sharing websites: It will not redirect your Facebook friends and followers to another website! The PDF is downloaded directly from Facebook!

Furthermore, you don’t have to share information with the webservice. Entering an e-mail address as well as providing information about your status (blogger, librarian, scholar, etc.) is optional.


The screenshot above shows you the form PDFSharing.com provides for uploading your PDF. The only mandatory fields are, of course, a PDF you have to upload and a title for your Facebook post.

However, we also strongly advise filling in the description field. That way, your friends and follower can know what exactly they are downloading.

How To Use PDFSharing.com

1. Once you went to PDFSharing.com, upload your PDF document and enter a title and description – like we have done here:


2. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click on “Create a sharing link”.

3. You will be redirected to a result page. There, you can directly share your PDF on Facebook, Xing and Google+ – or somewhere else when you copy and send the link. The image you see on the left is a screenshot of the first page of your document. It will also be the preview image when putting the link to Facebook.


4. Use the “Share on Facebook” option to post directly on Facebook, or open your social media profile and enter the link there. Your post will look something like this when you did so:


Now, when your followers click on the link, the PDF document will be downloaded directly. No redirection to PDFSharing.com or any other page.