How To Convert PDF To JPG

Learn How To Convert From PDF To JPG [Tutorial]

While PDF is one of the most versatile file formats out there, sometimes it’s just not what you need. Sometimes, you need images like JPGs or PNGs to upload your documents on a website. Or to ensure that no one can copy your text and data.

We have the perfect solution for this: Convert PDF to JPG or other image files!

And the best of all? You can do all of this for free and online – even from your phone. 

How To Convert PDF To JPG

An online PDF to JPG image converter like the one from PDF2Go is fairly easy to handle. Plus, you have more than just one image files to choose from. The following conversions are possible.

Raster Image Vector Image

Furthermore, if you have a PDF file with more than one page, any of the converters will convert each page to one image. You can download them all in one ZIP archive.


Tutorial Of PDF To JPG Conversion

Now, let us get through how you can easily convert your PDF into a or several images.

Go to PDF JPG Converter of PDF2Go. This tool converts PDF documents to several different file formats; including images and document files.

Now, upload the PDF file(s) you want to convert to JPG. You can either upload them from your device, use a cloud storage, or enter a URL.

pdf2go_converttojpgOnce you uploaded your file, choose the JPG format from the list of possible conversion targets.

When you chose to convert to JPG, you are provided with more optional settings for your conversion. They will change the quality or size of the images.


You can, of course, choose to ignore these settings as they are optional. Or you can play around with them until you get the JPG converted just the way you wanted. Afterwards, click on “Convert from PDF“.

After a short while, depending on the size of the PDF file, you are redirected. Here, you can download the image files (in one ZIP file) or save them on Dropbox or Google Drive.