We ❤️️ PDF

10 Reasons Why We ❤️️ PDF

The Portable Document Format is a great one. We know that and you know that. But why?

Sometimes, there is more to a document than you see on the first glance. We have fallen in love with the PDF format long before PDF2Go was born. And yet, this project resulted from our love for this versatile format.

And it deserves its praise! Thus, check out our personal reasons why we love PDF so much! 

10 Reasons Why You Too Should ❤️️ PDF

1. You can use it everywhere

PDF is a document format that runs on all kinds of computers, tablets, smartphones, e-book readers and other devices. Other documents don’t do this for you. Some look crooked or weird when opened on another computer. Most can not even be opened by your iPhone or Android tablet. But text and images saved in the PDF format can be viewed on any device!

2. It looks pretty everywhere

You can put a lot of effort into formatting your documents only to see that the formatting is completely screwed up when opening it on another person’s computer. This is especially annoying (and a tad embarrassing) when it happens to presentations you have to give to a large group of people. PDF doesn’t do that to you! No matter where and with which program you open a PDF, it will always look exactly like you wanted it to!

3. It’s perfect for printing

For the very same reason, PDFs are also perfect for when you want to print something. Long essays that contain the formatting of tables and graphs look exactly like you want and need them to. Vouchers, letters and other documents with heavy formatting and images can best be printed from a PDF document. Especially when you want to give the job to a print shop.

4. It’s (usually) not alterable

That’s the reason, why contracts and important documents are sent to you in the PDF format. The text inside these documents can not be changed anymore, preventing fraud and general meddling with your texts, contracts and information.

5. You can protect it even better

They can be even further protected by adding a password to the document. Viewing, copying and even printing can thus be enabled or disabled for people that don’t have the correct password. This might be needed because services like PDF2Go indeed allow you to edit a PDF document.

6. You can fill it out

Applications to authorities, changes and information, are often sent via form. Many are offered for download online and thanks to fillable PDFs, you don’t have to print them, only to scan and send them again! Many PDFs allow you to enter your data directly into the document with your keyboard and some even allow you to directly send it back with the click of one button!

7. It’s perfect for scanning

Mostly, when scanning documents or whole books, you have a few file formats to choose from. You can scan to image (e.g. JPG), for example. Or to PDF! While you might want to scan photos in an image format, PDF is perfect for all kinds of documents, may they be legal documents, passports and IDs, magazine articles or books.

8.  You can even extract text from scans

While scanning a book or article will allow you to read it, sometimes we need to work with the text as well. The scans, however, are merely images scanned into a PDF document, not the text itself. This is where OCR comes into play. With the optical character recognition function, you can extract the text from your scan and work with it!

9. It was designed for people with disabilities

PDF really is a document format for everyone! The files can be specifically designed for disabled people, including XML tags, captions and audio descriptions along with the readable text. This makes it easy for screen readers to access and read the PDF out to visually impaired people.

10. We can work with it ❤️️

The PDF format is not only versatile, widely supported and popular, it is also licensed royalty-free. This allows people like us to work with the format without having to pay any royalties to Adobe. Thus, we were able to create PDF2Go for you! Now, there are so many things you can do with your PDF document, like merge two or more or split one document into more. You can resize the PDF or rotate it.