Translate Foreign Documents

How To Translate Foreign Documents & Letters [Tutorial]

When you live in another country than yours, you will face a few day-to-day difficulties. One is certainly when you receive an official letter or document and you simply can’t read or understand it. Many countries do not send out their letters in English, even when you are a foreigner living abroad. So, what do you do to understand those documents and forms you get via mail?

You translate them with the help of PDF2Go, easy as that! Let us show you how! 

Translate Foreign Letters Online

In order to do this, you need a couple of things.

Of course, we know that, sometimes, Google Translate is not too accurate with its translations. Most of the time, however, it is more than enough to understand the contents of a letter or the general meaning of the document you received.

The best thing about this method of getting your foreign correspondence translated, however, is that you can do it completely online – and thus also from your phone. Google Translate, as well as PDF2Go, do not require you to download anything!

How To Translate Your Documents

Enough talk, let’s get right into it!

1. Take a picture or scan your document

What you need is a digital copy of your letter or document to run it through PDF2Go and then the online translator. When you are on your phone, you can simply snap a photo of the letter which will be saved as a JPG image in most cases.

When you have one, you can of course also use a scanner to scan your document. This, most of the time results in a better quality scan than when taking a picture. You can save the scan, in most cases, as a PDF document or image. Both works in our case.

2. Convert your scan or image to text

Now it’s time to extract the text from your image or scan. To do this, we will use the convert PDF function of PDF2Go.

→ Go to

There, you can upload or image or scan. On a computer, you can easily drag & drop your file, but of course, you can also upload it from your hard drive or phone’s storage, or a cloud service.

→ Convert your file & check the”Use OCR” box

That way, your text will be extracted from the image or PDF you uploaded.

Afterward, click on “Save Changes”. It won’t take long for your file to be converted!

3. Check the document

OCR is amazing, for sure, but depending on the quality of your image, it may not recognize all words. Thus, it’s better to compare your document with the original and improve the words the OCR function did not get correctly.

4. Translate your text

Now, head over to Google Translate and copy & paste the text you just extracted. It’s up to you if you want to set a language or use the “Detect language” option. On the right side, choose either English or your native language if it’s another one than English.

Your result should look like this: