Online PDF Converter

Online PDF Converter Without Adobe

Of course, Adobe deserves our biggest thanks for creating such a perfect file format like PDF! However, you luckily do not need to use an Adobe project to open, view and edit a PDF document!

These first two – opening & viewing PDFs – can be handled by many third-party programs. Or even your browser. We listed the best PDF viewers for multiple platforms already if you want to check out an Adobe Reader alternative.

This article will show you that you do not need an Adobe product to edit a PDF either. All you need is an online PDF converter like PDF2Go

Edit PDF Documents Without Adobe

You do not need to download, install or purchase an expensive program to edit a PDF file. Adobe offers a PDF editor for purchase that allows you to:

  • create PDFs out of other documents and images,
  • edit a PDF,
  • secure or password protect a PDF, or
  • turn a PDF into a Microsoft Word document.

All of this can also easily be done online. You don’t have to buy software or install a program on your computer. Some functions like adding sticky notes or highlighting parts of a PDF can already be done using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Thus, leave your PDF editing to a free and online solution!

Why An Online Adobe PDF Converter

An online PDF converter comes with another advantage, one that’s already present in the name: online.

Compared to a downloaded and installed software, an online service will not take up space on your hard drive. And it’s less likely to infect your computer with a virus if you don’t have to download anything.

Furthermore, it enables you to use all editing functions on the go; from your iPhone or iPad, Android tablet or phone, or any other mobile device. All you need is a working internet connection and PDF2Go!

And what can you do on PDF2Go?

  • Create PDFs out of images, documents and other files like presentations and spreadsheets
  • Reduce the file size of a PDF for easier uploading and sending
  • Change the paper size of a PDF to optimize it for printing
  • Sort & Re-arrange PDF pages
  • Delete single pages from a PDF document
  • Split a multi-page PDF into several documents
  • Merge two or more PDFs to create a single document
  • Rotate single pages of a PDF
  • Secure your PDF by setting a password and restrictions
  • Apply on-page editing to the PDF like
    • Adding an image
    • Adding text
    • Adding shapes like circles, rectangles, arrows, and lines
    • Highlighting parts of the PDF
    • Censoring parts of the PDF