How PDF2Go Can Boost Your Productivity

Being productive is not an easily triggered state. It requires calm and concentration for some, organized chaos for others. What is always a crucial part of productivity, however, is time-saving. The less time we spent on an unnecessary task, the more time we have to be actually productive.

This is where PDF2Go comes into play. With our online PDF editing services, you can save time – and struggle – and thus be more productive. Read on and find out how using this online PDF editor will help you be more productive! 

Be Productive With PDF2Go

There are five major ways in which you can boost your productivity when using PDF2Go. Check them out:

1. Read Everything On The Go

Using a PDF converter, you can turn different documents and even images to PDF. Mobile phones and tablets, as well as most e-book readers, cannot display Microsoft Word or OpenOffice documents. But they can all display PDFs!

Converting documents or even images you took to PDF makes them available for reading everywhere.

Convert To PDF

If you have everything converted to PDF, you can even merge them into just one document that you’d have to carry with you, send or store on a cloud. To do so, simply upload the now created PDF files and merge them.

Merge PDFs

2. Carry Only What You Need

Many documents and PDFs you may encounter contain pages with information that is irrelevant for you. Having to skip through them is time-consuming, and so is printing them all if you need a hard copy.

Save the time, ink and money by deleting single pages inside a PDF document. That way, only the information you need gets preserved and copied onto paper.

Delete single pages from a PDF

3. Edit Pages Directly On The Screen

You don’t have to print a document to add notes, highlight passages or draw on it. You can do all of that online and directly in the PDF document. Save yourself some time. Plus, while you write on paper, the changes are permanent. Online, you can change and remove notes and drawings again.

Edit PDFs

4. Create A Presentation Quickly

Most of the time, reading and learning is not everything we have to do. If you need to present your findings or lecture, there is an easy way to create a presentation out of what you have already written down already.

Of course, converting from PDF to PowerPoint will not result in a beautified presentation with effects and transitions, but you can easily add your formatting and styles once you have the PPT or PPTX file.

Convert Your PDF

5. Do All Of This online

One of the tricky things with productivity is that we can not force it. We can help trigger it and preserve it, make the best of it, but in the end? We can feel productive at the most inconvenient times.

And that’s the great thing about PDF2Go: you can use all functions on the go! You are not restricted to the place or time where you are. All you need is a working internet connection and your device of choice or convenience!