Combine PDF

Why Should I Combine PDF Files?

Combining two or more PDF documents is only one of many functions PDF2Go provides. With the help of the merge PDF function, you can turn several documents into one.

But why would you want to do this? Read more and find out why combining PDF files might be practical for you. Of course you can also check out out tutorial on how to combine PDF documents, if you want to get right to it! 

Why Combine PDF Documents?

Maybe some of these reasons have already occurred to you. But maybe some very practical usages of this merging function are new to you. Either way, let us tell you how combining PDFs will help you, your organisation and your productivity.

1. No Double-Sided Scanning

Some scanner, unfortunately, do not allow scanning of two pages or individual objects. A passport, for example, has to be placed on the glass document table and then turned around to be scanned.

If your scanner or the one you are using sent two different PDF files or images, you can easily combine them into one.

2. All-In-One Printing

When you want to print several documents, you have to open them all. Then you click on the print icon and in the worst case even enter specific settings for your printer or print job. For every single document you opened.

This can quickly become annoying when you have to print many documents all at once. Thus: combine them! Turn all your documents for printing into one large document.

3. Interrupted Scanning Process

Scanning an entire book is, admittedly, a boring task. But even when you are just scanning certain chapters, it may happen that your scanner decides to send the unfinished job while you weren’t even done scanning.

You don’t have to start over to get all you wanted into one file! Just continue where you left off and combine the PDF files once you are done.


A PDF document is also an easy way to send many images or photos at once. Instead of creating a ZIP archive (many people are suspicious of ZIPs nowadays since they often contain viruses or malware), you can simply upload all the images you want to share and then merge them all into one PDF document.

5. All-In-One Job Application

Nowadays, many employers require for you to upload your job application, resume and credentials online. This is a practical way because it eliminates the need to print and send the documents via mail. However, some platforms only allow you to upload one file at the time.

What if you have your cover letter, resume, application and certificates saved in different documents? Easy, you merge them!

TIP: Do not name your application something like "resume.pdf" because companies will get many of those. Name it something like "name_application.pdf".