Watermark a PDF

How To Watermark A PDF [Tutorial]

Since PDF documents are so widely spread and strongly supported by a majority of programs and all across platforms and devices, it became the number-one choice for sharing documents online. With this, problems arose, some of them revolving around copyright and, blatantly said, stealing of information.

In order to make sure that your carefully and thoroughly gathered and presented information is not claimed as their work by other people, you can add a watermark to your document. This tutorial will show you how to add a watermark to your PDF using a PDF Editor

Add A Watermark To A PDF

Unfortunately, you can not keep people from stealing your work and files. People will always find a way. Of course you can protect your PDF with a password, but that means you would have to distribute the password as well for people to be able to view your PDF.

Adding a watermark to your document will not stop people from downloading and spreading your PDF, but claiming it as their own will not be possible when every page sports your own, personal watermark. It is a way to let the people that view your PDF know the original source no matter where they find it.

Lets find out how you can do this.

How To Watermark A PDF

1. Go to PDF2Go.com/Edit-PDF

2. Upload your document.
You can do so by either drag-and-drop, uploading it from your hard drive, providing a URL or uploading it from Dropbox or Google Drive.
Furthermore, you can upload any other document as well, like a Word document or ODT. However, the resulting file after you added your watermark will always be a PDF.

3. Choose a page from the thumbnail view.

4. Choose “Image” from the list of tools to add your watermark image to the PDF.

Edit PDF

5. Once you chose the watermark image from your hard drive, the image settings will allow you to set the size of the image and its transparency. Afterwards, click on “Add image”.

Image Settings

6. Drag your watermark image to the position you want, then click on “Save Changes”. After a short wait, your PDF will be ready for download.


Please note that you will have to add the watermark to every page of the PDF separately.