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How PDF2Go Can Help You With Your Job Application

In last week’s article, we gave you some handy guidelines in which format you should save your job application and why PDF is a perfect format for this. If you missed it, you can read it here:
Why You Should Send Your Job Application As PDF

But this is not everything PDF2Go can do for you when you are hunting for a new job! We can not write your resume, cover letter or biography for you, but we can help in many other ways. Find out how PDF2Go makes applying for a job easier for you! 

Improve Your Job Application With PDF2Go

There are many things you have to consider when applying for a new job. PDF2Go is here to take some concerns and annoying hurdles away from you! Lets have a look at how we can make your job application easier for you.

Merge Cover Letter, Resume, Biography & Testimonials

When applying online, you are often asked to hand in one (PDF) file only. Due to changes in your cover letter, personalized application or resume, it’s typical to save them all individually. Let alone that you certainly have your testimonials and certificates scanned in separate documents.

When you send your application via e-mail, you can surely attach several documents, however it will get more complicated for your potential new employer to piece them all together again. Instead of sending a ZIP file (these are often regarded as malware or phising), you can easily send them all in one PDF document. How?

With PDF2Go you can easily merge documents that you want to hand in all at once. All you have to do is go to Merge PDF and upload the documents you need to send. You can even order them to combine them all in the correct order. Now, you have only one document to take care about!

Note: Of course you can also split large PDF files again using the Split PDF function.

Rotate Upside-Down Scans

When you scan your testimonials and certificates to apply for a job online, it can happen that you scan one of them upside down. If you scanned them all individually, you may be able to rotate the single document. Most likely, and especially when you scanned all your documents into one file, you will need some help getting this right again.

Luckily, there is a way to rotate PDF documents online. You can choose between rotating a whole document or single pages. Just go to Rotate PDF and upload your file. Rotate the pages in the thumbnail view accordingly and download the now corrected PDF.

Make Last-Minute Changes

What you should do in any case before sending your application is to check it once more. Is everything correct? Did you miss anything? Would you like to change something last-minute?

If you detect a mistake or problem in your PDF, you don’t have to start anew. With our on-page PDF editor, you can easily make some last-minute changes before sending the application on its way. Especially the whiteout or censoring possibility can come in handy.

How can you edit your PDF? Go to Edit PDF and upload your file. After choosing the correct page from the thumbnail view, you can start editing. Afterwards, save the document by clicking on “Save & Export”.

Note: Check out this tutorial on How To Censor A PDF

Reduce The File Size Of Your Application

Especially when merging many documents into one, it may happen that the file becomes too big to be uploaded on your employers website or to attach it to an e-mail. If that’s the case, you have still the option to compress your PDF to reduce the file size.

This can easily be done by going to Compress PDF and uploading your file. There, you have several compression presets to choose from that will, depending on the initial size of your file, reduce its file size.

Note: Have a look at the specifications of the compression presets.