PDF2Go Is Multilingual

English is one of the main languages found on the internet. Almost every website has at least an English translation or was originally written in English. PDF2Go is no exception to this rule.

First, our PDF editing tools were available in English, but soon, more and more languages followed. Reason enough to take a look at which languages we offer. Since that would be a very quick ordeal, we have also gathered some facts about languages worldwide. Read on! 

Multilingual PDF Editing

While PDF2Go started out in English, it is now available in seven languages in total. The first to join were Spanish, French and Russian. Later, Chinese and Arabic followed. And only recently, we introduced a translation of our service into German.

Of all these languages, Chinese is the one with the most first-language speakers. This means that Chinese is the language most people on this planet learn to speak when they are little as their very first language of communication. According to Ethnologue (2015, 18th edition), different forms of Chinese is spoken by approximately 899 million speakers.

Follow up are both English and Spanish with an approximate number of 500 million first-language speakers.

The following table lists all languages of PDF2Go with regard to their number of first-language speakers.

Language First-Language Speakers
Chinese 899 million
Spanish 500 million
English 500 million
Arabic 290 million
Russian 160 million
German 95 million
French 80 million

However, a language is not only spoken by first-language users. There are many second or even third (or more) degree users of different languages as well. Consider the following list of total speakers, first-language, and all language learners combined.

Language Total Speakers
Chinese 1051 million
English 1010 million
Spanish 570 million
Arabic 422 million
Russian 275 million
French 272 million
German 105 – 110 million