Mobile on Summer Vacaton

No Stress During Summer Vacation: Thanks Mobile PDF2Go

The 20th or 21st of June – depending on where you live – marks the beginning of summer on the Northern hemisphere. And what’s best about summer? Summer vacation of course!

Unfortunately, for some people, it is impossible to leave work behind. Even when they lay on the beach with their legs stretched out and toes in the sand. With PDF2Go, people “like this” luckily have a mobile and still fully functional solution for PDF editing and conversion problems! 

Use PDF2Go Mobile – from the beach or anywhere

PDF2Go is no mobile app, but this is also the site’s advantage. You don’t need to install an app and take up precious space on your mobile. The online PDF converter is optimized for mobile usage. This means you can open it in any browser and use it to your heart’s content.

All you need is:

This is not only valid for summer vacation, of course. Business trips, hotel stays or even visiting relatives are reasons for not being able to get to a computer. And yet, we can and do receive our e-mails everywhere – even business mails. So why not have PDF editing available from anywhere as well!

And after editing…

Once you are done editing your PDF, you can save it on the device you have been working on. However, there are more practical solutions when you work on your mobile phone.

In order to access your file from anywhere after you edited it, you can upload it to a cloud storage. We offer to upload your document to either Google Drive or Dropbox. That way, you can later access the file from your personal or work computer. Furthermore, you can share uploaded files via the respective GDrive or Dropbox link in case you have to send it to a co-worker, boss or client.