Why PDF Is The Best Document Format For WhatsApp

Document sharing has been a feature that has been introduced to WhatsApp some time ago. Sharing images and videos is one of the key usages of WhatsApp nowadays. With documents, another file type improved the experience of WhatsApp users all over the world.

As a provider of PDF conversion, it is one of our duties to keep you informed about all kinds of ways on how to share your documents with coworkers, friends, and family. Thus, let’s have a look at why PDF is the format you should use for sharing documents on WhatsApp. 

Sharing Documents On WhatsApp

There are several document formats you can send using the messenger app. DOC and DOCX – aka the Microsoft document formats – as well as other formats like ODT, RTF and TXT are supported. You can send them over to your friends and depending on the apps on their phone, they can directly opening them from the app.

For example, if you have the Google Office apps installed, you can easily open a DOC file using the Google Docs app. Unfortunately, saving those documents is often only possible using the app it is opened with.

When using WhatsApp from a desktop computer – for example via WhatsApp Web or clients that bundle messenger apps into one – you can download them easily though. However, sometimes it may happen that files are downloaded or even transferred without their file extension. For example, a document.docx file might lose its extension and you will find an unknown file called document on your computer. In that case, you could rename the file if you know the original extension, at least.

Why PDF?

Since the majority of WhatsApp users are using the service from their phone, this plays a crucial role in finding the best document type to send using the messenger. Of course, you can open all kinds of document formats on your computer with the right program. Installing an app for all the different file extensions to be supported on your phone would only clutter it though.

PDF files, however, can be easily opened by many phones by default. And even if not, PDF reader apps are small in size, easy to use, and should be one of the must-have apps on your phone anyway.

Furthermore, PDF files look the same no matter on which device you open them. Since this document format has a fixed formatting, you can send it across the globe and someone on the other end of the world can print it and it would look the exact way you intended it to.

What If I Need An Editable File?

PDF might be a good format for sending and sharing since it is secure and has a fixed layout, but what if you need to apply some changes to it? Then you can still send and receive a PDF file! Thanks to PDF2Go, there are several ways on how you can still edit the file – directly from your phone.

For example:

What If I Received A Non-PDF File?

You may know all the advantages of PDF files over other documents, but what if someone else sends you another file? Then you can still go ahead and convert the file to PDF for free.