Sign A PDF

Sign A PDF By Using A Picture Of Your Signature

Some things can not wait. You may be on vacation, on the road, simply anywhere but close to your computer – and someone asks you to immediately send back a signed document. Without a computer and printer, there is not much you can do, right?

Wrong! With the help of the Edit Page function on PDF2Go, you can sign a document easily using nothing but your camera and this free online PDF editing service. Lets find out how! 

Sign A PDF Online

Thanks to PDF2Go being a very mobile-friendly website, you don’t need to download an app to do this. The only groundwork you need beforehand is to take a picture of your signature on a white piece of  paper. For the best possible result, consider cutting your picture to only include the signature. Furthermore, you can edit it with any photo editing app to increase the contrast and make the signature best readable while making the background as white as possible.

Once that is done and the signature is ready, the editing part can start!

1. Upload the document

Open your browser on your phone and go to:

There, you can upload your document (it doesn’t have to be a PDF). There are several ways to do so:

  • Upload the file directly from your phone
  • Upload it using a cloud storage (Dropbox or Google Drive)
  • Enter a URL to the document

After a short wait, it will be uploaded and you are presented with a thumbnail view of all the pages of your document. Select the one you want to add the signature to and scroll down.

2. Load your signature

Scrolling down, you will see everything you can do with the Edit Page function. Choose the very last one that will allow you to add an image to your document and is aptly called “Image”.

After you chose your signature image from your phone, a small options window will pop up. There, you can change the size of your image (since photos are usually quite big when taken from your phone) and the opacity, if needed.

When you added the values, click on “Add Image”.

3. Move the image & save

Once the image was loaded onto the page of your document, you can move it around until it’s at the right spot.

If you notice that the size is not entirely correct or that you want to edit your image a bit further, you can remove the image again by scrolling up and clicking on the small trash can icon. After correcting your image, you can repeat the steps from 2. again and choose a smaller or bigger size, depending on what you needed.

When everything’s fine, click on “Save Changes” and wait for our service to process your document.

4. Download your document

Depending on the size of your document, this may take a bit. But once the editing is done, you can download your document to your phone and send it back to whoever requested it.

Alternatively, you can save it to GDrive or Dropbox or even edit the resulting PDF further.

Disclaimer: PDF2Go takes no responsibility for questions of documents signed this way being legally binding.