Cloud Service

10 Benefits Of Using A Cloud Service

Cloud Services have been around since the 1960’s. And yet, it is today that we use it to a greater extend than ever before.

When using PDF2Go, you have the opportunity to use PDF files and other documents from a cloud storage. Likewise, you can upload your edited PDF or converted file to a cloud service.

That’s enough reason to have a closer look at the benefits using such a web storage service has. 

What’s Cloud Storage?

Before we list all the great benefits of cloud computing services, we should define what it exactly is, of course.

Cloud Services, storage or simply clouds are servers that are hosted on the internet, making them available to everyone with an internet connection. Usually, cloud services can be accessed via any web browser, but many also offer a desktop program that allows you to upload to the cloud and download files to your hard drive.

This explanation alone bears many benefits already. So let’s have a look at them in more detail.

10 Benefits Of Using Cloud Storage

Access from Anywhere

All you need to access your cloud service is a browser and an internet connection. Sure, there are desktop applications and mobile apps that help you up and download, but a browser is enough.

It doesn’t matter where you are or which device you use to access your storage space. Whether it’s your own phone or a friend’s laptop, you can access documents, videos, pictures and more than you previously uploaded using your computer.

This also makes working remotely a lot easier since you are not bound to one workstation. Plus, no more carrying around (and losing?) of CD’s, USB sticks and other data storage mediums.

Collaboration Possibilities

Nowadays, working remotely from home or the road or collaborating with freelancers and colleagues from all over the world is the norm. This means that you have to make sure that everyone you are working with has access to the same files and the current progress of your work.

Cloud services often provide the possibility to share your files and folders with other people, either via link or invitation so only the people you want to have access to your files. This makes collaborating on a project easy, fast and effortless. Cloud services can be seen as some kind of virtual work-space any business or group project can benefit from.

Chaos Prevention

Life is unpredictable and chaos can break out at any time. Fires, theft, technical defects, floods and other catastrophes can cause you to lose your files – no matter if at home or at work. Even when you save your data on an external hard drive, you are not protected from losing or damaging them.

If you store your work, information and files on a cloud though, you have a backup that is not dependent the integrity or intactness of your home office, work computer or phone. Instead of losing all your work, you can easily download your progress and vital information onto a new laptop, hard drive, computer, etc.

Saving Money

Even the biggest external hard drives run out of space eventually. That means you have to buy a new one for your backups or carrying your files around. Likewise, hosting your own servers to store data and files on the internet can become a rather pricey thing.

Using a cloud service, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Someone else is taking over the server and maintenance costs as well as any costs caused by troubleshooting.

Economically Friendly

Using a cloud service only at the times you need it significantly reduces the carbon footprints you leave behind on the planet. You share a server with many other users of the cloud storage; some kind of web-based car-pooling, if you like. Furthermore, there is a decreasing need to produce storage media like USB sticks, SD cards, CD’s and DVD’s, and hard drives. All the damage done by producing, packaging and shipping these items can thus be lessened as well.

Many Choices

Due to the growing popularity of cloud storage, there are by now a plethora of providers to choose from. With the steady competition, it is expected that the numbers will grow.

The features provided and storage space offered in the free versions are more or less the same across most services as well to pose a serious competition among those services. Providers like Dropbox, GDrive, and OneDrive you can have as much as 5 GB of storage for free.

Who says that you have to use one service at the time as well. When you run out of storage space, using a competitor is always an option.

Lots Of Space

Comparing the storage space of old floppy disks with modern CD’s, there was, of course, an improvement. And yet, space is still often limited on a computer, laptop or phone – or needed for other things like programs. While storage space increased, so did the file size of many video, image and other files. Thus, saving space is still an issue, even when you have a 1 TB hard drive.

Storing files on a cloud saves you the space that would otherwise be occupied on your device, together with all the other benefits listed here. In addition, sharing files via freemail services is also limited to a certain file size. With a shareable cloud storage link, you can bid these problems goodbye.

Secure Data Storage

Clouds typically go the “extra mile” to keep your files safe. Only a few years ago, storing your files somewhere online caused an outcry. Are my files really safe? Who can access them without my knowledge? But in recent years, cloud services have done their best to build up a reputation for being a secure place to store files. As long as you keep your account data and password private, you are relatively (if not 100%) safe.


The business of cloud computing is a big one and thus many companies compete for users. This competition and the high demand for cloud services requires a lot workforce behind keeping a cloud server up, as well as the best and most advanced technology. Cloud services are often up to date with the newest software and hardware and can thus be regarded as very reliable when it comes to accessibility and downtime.

Automatic Updates

Online services are not only up to date when you first sign up for them. Unlike a program where you get the newest version and then have to regularly and often manually update, online services are not outdated after a few months. This is the concern of the people that run and host the cloud computing service and to assure customer satisfaction, they update all their programs and servers regularly. This equals an automatic update of the service for you as a user.