Why Online Is Better Than Offline (Sometimes)

Nowadays, many aspects of our lives happen online. We date and meet up on the web. We shop and pay in online shops. We gather information and inspiration from sites like Wikipedia and Pinterest. We even work online. And of course we edit PDF online.

Even though or especially because of that, many people try to concentrate on their lives offline more and more again, fleeing from the always connected world into one they can smell, feel and enjoy. Of course we encourage you to explore nature and meet up with friends for a non-virtual coffee. And yet, there are a few distinct advantages the online handling of things has over the offline approach. Lets have a look at those advantages on the basis of online PDF editing

The 5 Advantages Of Online Life & Work

It’s comfortable

There is no place like home. While that is true, there are other great places you surely like. Like a busy coffee shop, the beach or sitting in a quiet meadow or park. If you are lucky, your office at work also provides a certain level of comfort to you thanks to the environment.

And what do all (or at least most) of these places have in common? You can access the web from there. This means that when you work or do your most prominent tasks online, you can freely choose from here to do so. Choose the place you feel most comfortable at or where inspiration and creativity come flying towards you.

Access everything from everywhere

Thanks to cloud storage and online services like PDF2Go, you can access and work with your files form basically anywhere. Lying on the beach? You can still check those images you have on your cloud. Commuting to work? Already send your boss the report he has been requesting. Stuck in traffic? Quickly sign that document and mail it from your phone.

With the help of online services you are not limited to one place. You can access work files and data from home and check your e-mails from practically everywhere.

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It’s cost efficient

Our computers and laptops and even our phones are nowadays able to take over a variety of tasks for us. There is an app, software or other desktop program for almost anything – for a price. But did you know that many tasks can also be handled on the web.

Using web services of all kinds spares you not only the download and installation of new programs, it’s also way more cost efficient. Many of these services provide their basic services for no costs whatsoever or are completely cost free. Like PDF2Go, for example.

This is how you can use PDF editing even when you are on vacation.

It’s fast

If you need to reach someone fast, the internet is one of the best ways to do so. E-mails take considerably less time than regular mail, and thanks to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, people are quick to answer your questions.

But that’s not all. It also speeds up many processes for you. For example, handing in documents via online form is faster than sending them via mail. Another example are the aforementioned online services. Your computer may be slow due to several reasons and your internet connection may not be the best. In these cases, many online services do the work for you on their own and fast servers. All you need to do is up and download.


However, as practical, fast and cost efficient online services might be, do not forget to disconnect and just enjoy life!