PDF 2.0

PDF 2.0 – All You Need To Know

In July 2017, a new version of PDF was introduced: PDF 2.0 .

Now that it is here and quite established, it’s time to look at what PDF 2.0 is all about, what changes form the previous versions and what this means for you as a user.

Of course, PDF2Go is working on implementing the support of PDF document using the new PDF 2.0 standard!

What You Need To Know About PDF 2.0

t’s been 24 years since the PDF format was first introduced by Adobe in 1993. In 2008, it was released as an open standard by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. Thus, the PDF format and it’s specification is also known as ISO 32000-1.

Since then, the format has changed marginally, but pretty much remained like the document format developed by Adobe. Now, this changed. PDF 2.0 or ISO 32000-2 is the first PDF version that really further developed from the “old” Adobe PDF.

Why is PDF 2.0 needed?

As stated above, the PDF format has not changed much since it appeared on the market. The latest version, 1.7, was not even the one most commonly used. Many users and companies still trust in earlier PDF versions like 1.4, for example.

With the switch to PDF 2.0, especially people working with PDF formats on a technical level (like we from PDF2Go do), there are several things to consider. The standardization, for example, will make it easier to get into the “core” of the format and thus facilitates working with it. New features introduced in the 2.0 version will also create new use cases for not only PDF editing programs, but for the end users as well.

In short, PDF 2.0 will make it easier for us to work with the format and thus enable us to provide new and improve existing features for you!

What will change?

As mentioned above, the format will “open up” for all kinds of users. PDF 2.0 will change three main components:

  1. Updating external references
  2. Establishing new & tighter rules
  3. Solve ambiguities

Furthermore, the documentation of the new PDF format will be clearer and thus foster better understanding. Creating new PDF editing software and features will thus be easier, faster and thus more cost-efficient.

New & enhanced features of PDF 2.0

Among the many new and improved features are some that are immediately salient. The following list is, by no means, complete, but list some of the most striking developments:

  • Enhancements for
    • printing
    • rendering
    • encryption
    • digital signing
  • New annotations
  • Better handling of embedded files such as images
  • Improvement of tagged PDF

If you are interested, more information about ISO 32000-2 can be found on the official ISO homepage.