6 Benefits Of Using PDF For Business

PDF, the acronym of Portable Document Format was developed almost three decades ago. Sharing documents between different computers and OS was quite difficult back then and PDF was engineered to make that easier by maintaining a fixed format while sharing.

Since then, the PDF has grown into one of the most widely used and accepted document formats in the world. They have become very important for most people especially the businessmen. Some businesses still don’t know the usefulness of PDF format files for their business and this article is targeted at them. 

The Benefits Of Using PDF For Your Business

Document format is maintained

Most businesses still use Microsoft word for sharing documents but one thing they failed to notice is the fact that the format might be different. The other computer might be using a different version of Microsoft office and this will affect the format system. When this happens, confusion might arise and sometimes makes you look bad to your clients or colleagues.

This situation can be avoided if you use PDF for sharing information or data. The document layout will be the same regardless of which computer you sent it to and your clients and colleagues will get to see the file in its original format, just like you have intended.

The format is ubiquitous

PDF format has become globally accepted because of its ubiquitous nature. The format is easy to view and share and remains the same no matter where the receiving part is. For safe and effective file delivery, use PDF format.

They tend to have a small file size in comparison to other formats

There are other file formats that perform the functions of PDF. However, they have an edge over those formats like the TIFF file format due to the fact that their files are compressed and less heavy. This is an added advantage as you can be able to send your files very fast. This feature is also ideal for saving hard drive space, particularly if you’re working with limited storage resources.

The files can be protected by a password

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This feature is perfect for you as a businessman. You might be handling sensitive customer files that contain valuable information. PDF gives you the access to password the files, thus limiting the number of people that have access to them. PDF files can be password-protected, giving you the ability make sure prying eyes are kept away from your important business documents.

It works on any operating system

Whether Windows or Mac, PDF works on all the major operating systems. They have been developed over the years to be able to function in mobile O.S, such as iOS and Android. This has made it possible for the receiver to be able to instantly access the file regardless of which device he/she is using.

Easily integrate non-text elements (e.g. images, hyperlinks, etc.)

Texts aren’t the only things that can be displayed on a PDF file. They have made it possible to maintain visually-pleasing layouts and insert external links. This has made it quite easy for businesses to incorporate images and links that are relevant to their activities on PDF files.

These 6 points are some of the advantages that using a PDF file format for sharing will have on your business. Technology moves quickly, but PDFs are probably here to stay for the long-haul. PDF format is widespread all over the globe and as a businessman, an investment in PDF software now is sure to stand up in the long run