PDF to PowerPoint

Convert From PDF To PowerPoint [Tutorial]

PDF is a great format for presentations. The slides will look exactly the same on any computer or screen. That’s nifty, but it comes with a price.

PDF documents do not offer animation or transition effects between slides. For this, presentation files are just perfect as they were specifically invented for this. Without a doubt, the most famous ones are Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

In the following tutorial, we will have a look at how you can convert your PDF files to PowerPoint in only a few steps. All you need is this PDF to PPT converter (online & free). 

Turn Your PDFs Into PowerPoint Presentations

Of course, there are many presentation programs out there, most part of office software suites. Apple’s version for this is the Keynote program that produces presentation files with the same file extension. The LibreOffice and OpenOffice suites also have a version called Impress. Their native presentation file extension is ODP.

The most well-known, as stated above, is the Microsoft Office version. Thanks to them, the word PowerPoint is now almost synonymous with digital slideshows. PowerPoint produces the following files:

  • PPT – Presentation file used in PowerPoint version 2003 and older
  • PPTX – Presentation file used in PowerPoint version 2007 and newer
  • PPTM – Presentation file that can contain embedded macros
  • PPS – Presentation file without editing options from PowerPoint version 2003 and older
  • PPSX – Presentation file without editing options from PowerPoint version 2007 and newer

How To Convert From PDF TO PPT & PPTX

Now that you know about the different PowerPoint files, let’s find out how you can easily turn your PDF documents into a presentation. All it takes are 4 simple steps:

  1. Go to www.PDF2Go.com/PDF-to-PowerPoint
  2. Upload your PDF (from your hard drive, a cloud storage or via URL).
  3. Choose the PowerPoint file format you want to convert your PDF to. You can choose between PPT and PPTX.
  4. Now, click on “Save Changes”. After a little wait, the PowerPoint presentation will be ready for download.