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Convert From Microsoft Excel To PDF [Tutorial]

The Microsoft Office suite contains many useful programs for your working needs. Many people are familiar with Word and PowerPoint, the word processing and presentation creation programs. Another, important part of the office suite, however, is Excel.

Microsoft Excel creates spreadsheets that can do calculations, create graphs, and contain elaborate formatting.

Not many programs can open spreadsheets though, and this is where PDF2Go comes into play. Read more to find out how to easily convert from Excel to PDF – online and for free. 

Turn Excel Files Into PDF Documents

As mentioned above, Microsoft Excel is probably the most popular spreadsheet program and format. There are other variants as well though. OpenOffice and LibreOffice created Calc to provide an open source version. Of course, Apple also provides their users with a spreadsheet program in their iWork suite, Numbers.

Naturally, all these programs create files with different extensions. Let us have a look at the most popular and common spreadsheet files below:

  • CSV – Flat and simple spreadsheet files
  • ODS – Open Document Spreadsheet created by LibreOffice & OpenOffice
  • XLR – Spreadsheet file used in Microsoft Works (discontinued in 2008)
  • XLS – Spreadsheet file used in Microsoft Excel version 2003 and older
  • XLSM – Spreadsheet file that can contain embedded macros
  • XLSX – Spreadsheet file used in Excel version 2007 and newer

How To Convert From Excel XLS & XLSX To PDF

Knowing about all kinds of spreadsheet files, we can now have a look at how you can turn your Excel files into PDF documents.

Why would you do that though? Easy: PDF documents cannot be easily edited which keeps your information safe. Furthermore, it retains formatting over all devices and can be opened with every computer, browser, and smartphone.

Now, let us have a look at the three steps (!) you need to convert from Excel to PDF:

  1. Go to www.PDF2Go.com/Excel-to-PDF
  2. Upload your Excel file (or use an URL or cloud service).
  3. Click on “Save Changes”. It won’t take long until you can download your newly created PDF file.