PowerPoint to PDF

Convert From Microsoft PowerPoint to PDF [Tutorial]

If you have the Microsoft Office suite installed, you get a whole set of useful programs for office, school, and private work. One of them is the widely known presentation program Microsoft PowerPoint.

In PowerPoint, you can easily create appealing presentations and slides, using transitions and other effects, formatting, insert images and even small videos and sound effects.

These presentations have one disadvantage though: they are hardly responsive. That means that depending on the program you use to show them and the screen resolution of the device or projector, the formatting can easily get skewed or even lost. But luckily, you can easily convert from PowerPoint to PDF – online and for free. 

Turn PowerPoint Files Into PDF Documents

Surely, PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software on the market. After all, there is a reason why digital slides and presentations are commonly called “PowerPoints”, no matter which program was used to create them.

Below, we give you a little list of the most common presentation files that are created using different slideshow programs:

  • KEY – Apple native presentation format; Apple Keynote
  • ODP – Open Document presentation; LibreOffice or OpenOffice
  • PPS – PowerPoint presentation format without editing options; PowerPoint version 2003 & older
  • PPSX – PowerPoint presentation format without editing options; PowerPoint version 2007 & newer
  • PPT – PowerPoint presentation format; PowerPoint version 2003 & older
  • PPTX – PowerPoint presentation format; PowerPoint version 2007 & newer
  • PPTM – PowerPoint presentation format that can contain embedded macros

How To Convert From PowerPoint PPT & PPTX To PDF

Now that we talked about the different kinds of presentation file formats, let’s have a look at how easily you can convert them into PDF.

As mentioned above, having a presentation file can cause some issues depending on where you want to show them. PDF might not support audio, video or transition effects, but it looks the exact same on any device, screen or projector! Plus, all browsers will be able to open the file as well as most smartphones.

All you have to do is following these three quick steps to convert from PowerPoint to PDF with PDF2GO:

  1. Go to www.PDF2Go.com/PowerPoint-to-PDF
  2. Upload your PowerPoint file (from your hard drive, a cloud or using a link).
  3. Click on “Save Changes”. And that’s it. On the next page, you can further edit your file or download it.