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How To Convert From Word to PDF [Tutorial]

There are many different reasons that speak for converting your editable Microsoft Word documents to PDF. If you want to turn your DOC and DOCX documents into PDF as well, there is an easy and reliable way to do so.

5 Reasons Why To Convert Word To PDF

All you need is your document, an internet connection and a free Word to PDF converter. Read more to find out how to create your own PDF documents. 

Turn Word Files Into PDF Documents

Microsoft Word is probably the most popular word processing software out there. It’s a standard on Windows computers and even available as an online web solution.

However, there are other programs that create editable text files as well. Some are very closely related to Microsoft Word when it comes to functions and formatting, while some are a lot simpler.

Consider the following list of popular document formats:

  • DOC – Word text format; Word version 2003 & older
  • DOCM – Word text format that can contain embedded macros
  • DOCX – Word text format; Word version 2007 & newer
  • DOT – Word text template format; Word version 2003 & older
  • DOTX – Word text template format; Word version 2007 & newer
  • ODT – Open Document text file; LibreOffice or OpenOffice
  • PAGES – Apple native text format; Apple Pages
  • RTF – Rich Text Format
  • TXT – Plain text file

How To Convert From Word DOC & DOCX To PDF

With all these different document formats in mind, it’s time to have a look how we can turn them into a PDF.

Just follow these three simple steps and your ODT, TXT, DOC and other document files can be converted into a PDF file within a few minutes:

  1. Go to www.PDF2Go.com/Word-to-PDF
  2. Upload your text document – choose from direct upload, a cloud service or a URL.
  3. Click on “Save Changes” and wait until you are redirected to the next page. There, you can download your converted PDF file.