Convert Images From JPG to PDF [Tutorial]

Images differ greatly from documents – that’s apparent. They both come with their format’s advantages and disadvantages. So what do you do? You use the format that is best suited for your purpose!

For images, that is often displaying them online, using image manipulation, adding them to videos, and the like. Documents, however, are better suited for adding and editing text, and printing.

This article will show you an easy, fast and reliable way to convert from JPG to PDF and thus turn your images into PDF documents. 

Turn Your JPG Images Into PDF Documents

There are many different image formats for many different purposes out there. In an earlier article, we have looked at which images are best for embedding in a PDF. There, we have touched on the difference between raster and vector images and found out, which image formats are the most popular and common ones.

Just as a reminder though, have a look at the following list:

  • BMP – Bitmap image with a large file size
  • GIF – Low-quality images that support transparency and animation
  • JPG, JPEG – Most common format that combines good quality with low file sizes
  • PNG – Very common, high-quality format that supports transparency
  • TIF, TIFF – High-quality images with big file size that support “pages”
  • WEBP – Image optimized for web usage

How To Convert From JPG To PDF

Since JPG is the most common image format and the format most photos and pictures on the web are saved in, we will concentrate on the conversion of JPG to PDF. Of course, you can turn other image files into PDF documents as well!

All it takes are three simple steps. They are outlined below:

  1. Go to
  2. Upload your JPG image, either via hard drive, cloud or by adding a link to the picture.
  3. Click on “Save Changes“. Now, your images will be converted and on the next page, you can download your PDF.

Optionally, you can also use the OCR option after uploading your image. Using OCR, you can extract any machine-written text from your images.

Read more about all you need to know about OCR.