Create PDF Files

Create PDF Files Online And Easily [Tutorial]

PDF is a versatile document format that comes with many benefits with regard to printing, accessibility, support, compatibility, memory space, and so on and so force!

But a question remains: How to create PDF files?

This article shows you a few ways on how to create a PDF not only online, but also completely for free

Create PDF Online

Following, we will show you four approaches in which you can create PDF files. What distinguishes them is the kind of data or input used to create a PDF document.

Document to PDF

The most practical way to create a PDF is by turning a document into this format. Many word processing programs already support this option, allowing you to save your written content as PDF.

The image above shows that it can, for example, be done by clicking a single button in the LibreOffice word processor. Some editors, however, do not offer this option.

Thus, check out this three-step online version of creating PDF documents from other documents:

  1. Go to Convert to PDF
  2. Upload your file from your hard drive, cloud storage or by using a link
  3. Click on “Save Changes”

Presentation to PDF

Presentations are similar to documents, just with more features like animations, transition effects, and the like. In most presentation creation programs, you also have the option to save as PDF. However, transitions between slides and other animations will get lost in the process.

Here’s how you can create PDF documents out of presentations online in just three steps:

  1. Go to this PDF Converter
  2. Upload the presentation
  3. Click on “Save Changes”

E-Book to PDF

E-books are an amazing invention. Thanks to them and handheld devices that can open them, you can now take hundreds and hundreds of books with you anywhere. They are very flexible and responsive, with flowing text and the ability to display images as well.

However, not all programs or devices support all e-book files. For example, only the Amazon Kindle devices can open AZW files correctly. Thus, you may also want a PDF copy of an EPUB or MOBI file.

You can easily create this online:

  1. Open Convert to PDF
  2. Upload your e-book file from a cloud, your phone or computer, or even a download URL
  3. Click on “Save Changes”

Image to PDF

Written text isn’t the only resource you can use to create PDF documents. Images such as JPG, JPEG, GIF or PNG images can also easily be turned into PDF. This might be interesting when it comes to printing, inserting images into already existing PDF documents, or when saving and sending those files becomes a matter of file size.

The same easy, three steps can be taken to create PDFs out of images online:

  1. Go to the PDF Conversion Tool
  2. Upload one or multiple images (each image will be turned into one PDF)
  3. Click on “Save Changes”

Bonus: Scan to PDF

What if the thing you want to preserve and save as a PDF is not available digitally? Well, then there is another, offline, thing you can do: scanning.

Documents, images, whole books; everything you can scan can be turned into a PDF. Most if not all scanning software already allows you to create PDF files out of your scans. Have a look at, for example, the image below which shows the options given by HP.

Such a PDF comes with a few disadvantages. For example, you cannot simply copy passages of text from a scanned in PDF. If this is something you want to do, check out OCR.