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Correct Crooked Scans: Our Deskew PDF Option [Tutorial]

If you also made the smart move to store important documents digitally, you are aware of this issue:

You scanned in all physical papers, correspondences or books and articles you have. Unfortunately, however, the document feeder or closing the scanner has shifted your document and now it’s all crooked.

Don’t worry! Our Deskew PDF option is a fast, free, and online solution for you. Read more to find out how it’s done. 

Fix Crooked PDF Documents

First of all, where can you find the deskew option? It’s available for the following PDF editing functions:

Next, we’ll show you what it looks like when you deskewed a PDF.

Results Of Deskew PDF

What deskew does, is to align the text of your pages neatly. In many cases, it also gets rid of black lines on the sides of the pages that are usually present in crooked scans. Check out the image below. It’s taken from a screenshot of the PDF files opened in Adobe’s Acrobat Reader.

It shows a PDF document that has been scanned slightly crooked (left). You can clearly see the black lines on the top and left side of the scan, as well as the text. After deskew (right), you can see the visual improvement.

Fix Crooked PDF

How To Deskew Documents

First of all, you have to decide which function from above you want to use. They all allow you to do additional things to your PDF which can become very useful since you can do multiple PDF editing steps at once.

The easiest option would be the Convert to PDF function.

1. Upload your document

No matter which function you will be using, you first have to upload your document. Do so by uploading it from your hard drive, dragging the document into the upload box, or using a link or cloud service.

2. Choose “Deskew”

Below, you’ll see where the option shows up on the different functions.

• Convert from PDF
• Convert to PDF
• JPG to PDF
• PDF to JPG

It’s easy, just check the box.

3. Convert or edit your file

Now, all you have to do is click on “Save Changes” and leave the rest to PDF2Go. Depending on which browser you are using, the corrected file will be automatically downloaded or you will be prompted to save it manually.