PDF to Video

Why You Should Turn Your PDF Into Video [Tutorial]

PDF is a document format which comes with many perks. This includes retained formatting, printer optimization, and searchability.

However, sometimes you just need another file format for your purpose. Videos have become one of the main sources of information in the past years. YouTube is cooming and Facebook video, as well as Instagram with their IGTV, are following suit.

With the help of our partners at Online-Convert.com, we will have a look at how to convert your PDF to video today. 

From PDF To Video

Video is a great medium to share memories, stories, and knowledge on the web. It combines visual aid with audio such as moody music or recorded instructions and explanations.

Thus, whether you want to share your stories and writing in a unique and beautiful way, or are looking for a way to share information with your clients or the YouTube audience, converting your PDF document to video is the right thing for you.

You can upload your converted PDF just like that, of course. Once it’s converted, however, it’s easily edited in any video editing software.

How To Convert PDF To Video

There are many different video file formats out there and all of them come with specific traits. Your best bet, however, is going for the popular and highly supported MP4 format.

  1. Go to the MP4 Converter
  2. Upload your PDF
  3. There are optional settings you can use, but for this purpose, you can ignore them
  4. Click on “Convert file”

And that’s it. On the next page, you can download your new video.

If you want to optimize your new video for a webservice like YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo, you can also use one of Online Converts webservice converters.