PDF Encryption

What Is PDF Encryption?

On PDF2Go, we offer PDF encryption in form of password protection. Add a password to a PDF to control who can open and view, copy, print, and modify your PDF!

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But what exactly is PDF encryption? Today, we will explore this question and the topic of PDF encryption. 

PDF Encryption Information

First of all, let’s have a look at what encryption actually is.

What Is Encryption?

By definition, encryption is a process that converts information into data that can only be opened and viewed with the correct key. That way, encryption prevents unauthorized access of different kinds of information. An algorithm is used to change the encrypted data in a way that only a key that works with the same algorithm can revert the change.

Especially sensitive data (bank statements, personal information, identification numbers, etc.) needs to be encrypted for your own safety. Sometimes, we want to share this information with others – but only specific people – and sometimes we need to upload them. Even if no human reading is done in the latter case, we still need our information to be as secure as possible.

PDF Encryption With Passwords

Talking about PDF encryption in particular, the term often refers to password protection. PDF documents can be secured using different kinds of passwords. These passwords function as the key that reverts the encryption – either completely or in part.

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The biggest question, however, is whether PDF encryption is 100% safe. Can a password protect a PDF password reliable so no one can access the data?

How Secure Is Encryption?

In our modern, internet times, the rule of thumb is that nothing is 100% safe. Even secure accounts and files can be hacked as many so-called cyber attacks over the past years showed.

However, with encryption, we can attempt to make it impossible or at least incredibly hard for non-hackers to access our data.