Combine PDFs

Even More Reasons To Combine PDFs

Having all the information you need in just one PDF is nifty, practical, and efficient. Thus, we have previously looked at the reasons why you should merge PDF files.

But there are even more things combining PDF files can help you with. Check out these additional and nonetheless valid reasons. 

Why Use A PDF Joiner

If the reasons below convince you, how can you even merge your PDFs and other files into just one, compact PDF? It’s easy and takes only a few minutes. Check out our tutorial on joining PDFs.

1. Reduce E-Mail Attachments

If all kinds of information – including scans, images, documents, excel sheets, graphics – can be combined in one PDF, all you have to send to colleagues, clients, and such is one file only. This makes it easier for you to send the same kind of information to different people on different occasions. Also, it facilitates the handling of the information for the recipients.

2. Easy Navigation Through Information

Imagine this. You receive an e-mail with many attachments.  You download them and now you have many different documents, graphics, and images. Of course, they might all belong together and reference each other, but checking all this information and putting them in order is, for sure, a hassle.

In comes combining PDFs – and other files. By creating one, cohesive file, information can be provided in a way that will not have people search for links and relations. You can even create some kind of “index” page or file and merge it to the beginning of the PDF for a quick overview of the information inside.

3. Arrange PDF Documents

Uploading, combining PDF files, downloading the single, merged document. That’s all it takes. Yet, you can do even more.

When using the PDF joiner of PDF2Go, you can rearrange and sort the uploaded files in the order you need. For this, simply drag the thumbnail images into the right position. You can even drag several thumbnails at once. That way, you can structure the combined PDF to your liking.

4. Arrange PDF Pages

And that’s not all! Once you combined your files, you can still rearrange and sort all pages of the merged PDF. For this, just head to the Sort & Delete PDF function. There, you can just drag and drop the thumbnails of the single pages until you have the result you wanted.

You can do this individually to all the documents you want to combine, of course, or after you merged your one, big PDF document.

5. Do It All Online

Some things do not allow any delays. Luckily, PDF2Go is optimized for mobile usage. What does that mean?
No matter if you are on a computer, your iPhone, an Android phone, or at work, PDF2Go has your back!