Edit PDF on Mac

How To Edit PDF On A Mac [Tutorial]

PDF is a versatile document format that can contain text, formatting, graphics, images, and other media. It’s perfect for sharing, posting online, handing in forms or applications, printing, and so on.

What if you need to change something in the document though? Especially on Apple devices like Mac computers, the iPhone or iPad, this is kind of difficult and inconvenient. Luckily, we have an easy, fast, and online solution for you! 

Edit PDF Documents On A Mac

PDF documents can be opened on most, if not all modern devices, including phones and e-book readers. You can open them in your browser even. Adobe also provides a freely downloadable PDF viewer program. If you want to edit your PDF document, however, you need the paid version of Adobe’s Acrobat Reader.

Unless you use a free-to-use online version. This is what PDF2Go provides to all users of Apple products.

PDF Editing Features

What is it, exactly, that you can do with (and to) your PDFs on PDF2Go? The web service’s features can be sorted into four different groups.

Since PDF2Go is a webservice, you can use it as long as you have an internet connection. Even mobile browsers are no issue!


Edit A PDF File
Merge PDF Files
Split PDF Files
Sort PDF Pages
Delete PDF Pages
Rotate PDF Pages


Reduce PDF File Size
Password Protect Your PDF
Remove PDF Password Protection
Resize PDF Documents
Repair A Broken PDF
Deskew PDF

Converting from PDF

PDF To Other Formats
PDF To Word
PDF To PowerPoint

Converting to PDF

Create PDF Files
Word to PDF
PowerPoint to PDF
Excel To PDF
Website To PDF
E-Book To PDF