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NEW: Edit Images Online & For Free With Img2Go

For all kinds of PDF editing and PDF conversions, PDF2Go got you covered. However, what if you have images that need editing?

Introducing our newest project: Img2Go! Convert and edit images online and for free. We will show you how and where! 

Online Image Editing With Img2Go

While PDF2Go is specialized in PDF editing, we wanted to tackle yet another online file handling need: image editing. Instead of incorporating this into PDF2Go, we took the time to bring you a whole new online toolset.

Img2Go is our newest service. And what can it do for you? Find out below where we introduce this new, powerful image editing online service.

Online Image Conversion

First and foremost, Img2Go allows you to convert images from one format into another. If you have an image in a special format or need something else than an image file, you can convert back and forth here.

The converters are split into two categories:

  1. Convert to image
  2. Convert from image

In the first, you can convert different kinds of files into the most common image file formats. The file formats offered are:

Raster Image Formats: Vector Image Formats: Special Image Formats:

Furthermore, you can convert all kinds of files into the common and popular JPG format with a separate converter. A very nifty converter tool, however, is the one that allows you to convert videos into animated GIFs.

Convert to Image | Convert to JPG | Convert Videos to animated GIF

Of course, you can convert your images into completely different formats as well. Most notably, you can convert images such as WEBP, JPG or PNG into document files. The following are available, with a PDF converter having a special spot:

Document Files: Presentation Files:

Convert Image to Image | Convert to Document | Convert Image to PDF

Online Image Improvement

The first tool offered to improve your images is the “Resize Image” function. This tool allows you to change the actual pixel size of your images and, consequently, the file size.

For example, uploading a file with dimensions of 4608 x 3072 pixels and a file size of 7 MB can result in a file with a size of 193 KB by merely shrinking the dimensions to 1024 pixels in width.

Img2Go Resize Image

Resize Images

Online Image Editing

Direct image editing is, of course, also possible with Img2Go.

Upload your image and you can use the image editor to:

  • add filters
  • mirror or rotate
  • draw
  • add text
  • add stickers
  • make rounded corners
  • add even more images
  • and more…

Img2Go Edit Images

Furthermore, you can easily crop images to only display the part you want to show off. For this, the cropping editor allows you to either set a size, use a specific aspect ratio, or drag the crop area around on your picture.

Img2Go Crop Image

Edit Images | Crop Images

These features and tools above are only the starting ground for Img2Go. Stay tuned for even more image editing tools!