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More Img2Go Features

A short while ago, we introduced you to Img2Go, an online image editing platform. The project is still quite new, which means there are new features added regularly.

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More Image Editing With Img2Go

In total, three more features have been added to the website. Two new image editing functions as well as one new way to improve your images.

Following, we introduce the three new image editing options.

Rotate & Mirror Images

Your image is upside down or tilted to the side? With the new rotating function, you can pivot them the way you need them to.

Furthermore, mirroring any picture vertically or horizontally can be handled by this function as well.

Img2Go Rotate Image

The arrow buttons rotate the image in the direction indicated, always to 90°. Meanwhile, the controls on the right allow you to rotate the image to any desired degree.

The buttons in the middle allow you to mirror your image according to the image on the button itself.

Add A Watermark

Make sure that your images are recognizable as yours. This can easily be done by adding watermarks. With Img2Go, you can do so online and in different ways.

Img2Go Watermark

So, what kind of watermarks can you add?

  • Draw anything onto your image.
  • Add text to the corner or right across the picture.
  • Add basic shapes, individually or in addition to the text.
  • Use another image or logo as a watermark by adding it as a new layer.

Compress Image Files

Some images, especially photos, can be quite big when it comes to file size. That’s an issue when you try to upload your file to social media, attach it to an e-mail or send it via WhatsApp.

If you compress them, you can decrease the file size of an image by lowering its quality.

Img2Go Compress

The quality options you have available are:

  • Best quality
  • Pretty good
  • Medium
  • Best compression