Virus Scan

Internet Security – Online Virus Scan Review

More and more, our daily life is handled online. This makes it more important than ever to stay safe from viruses, malware, phishing, and more. Especially sensitive data like bank statements and credentials, login data, social security numbers, and the like have to be secured.

In the past, we have shown you what to pay attention to when downloading PDF files online. But there is even more you can do to increase your online protection and stay safe from infected files. Thus, check out this review of an online antivirus scan service

Scan Files & URLs For Viruses

Questionable websites might offer already infected files for you to download. Once you open them, they can spread viruses or malware to your computer or gather information about your contacts or network.

E-mails are still a huge platform for scammers and phishing attempts. Files attached to suspicious e-mails are thus still a huge threat.

Also, dubious websites may try to install programs on your system or prompt you to enter confidential data by posing as someone else – might it be services you use, official authorities, or other.

Online Virus Scanner

Antivirus programs check files downloaded to your device. There are many different programs to do so, free and paid, and yet there is a way to use 70+ ones at is an online service that allows you to check an uploaded file or URL against many different antivirus programs.


They even offer a browser extension and API to integrate the virus scan in your own software or app. The URL check is very handy in particular since it allows you to check files before you download them to your system.

In addition to the antivirus programs, VirusTotal compares your upload (especially URLs) with a list of blacklisted URLs. The information you get after a scan is very detailed and, in many cases, shows you if a file or site is suspicious, contains malware, is a phishing attempt, and more.

Furthermore, VirusTotal creates a hash of the file you check. That way, when someone else checks the same file, the information can be shown faster.

A trusted website, however, will always make sure that your files and data are safe, and that you won’t download anything that has been infected. Check out how PDF2Go makes sure that you and your files are safe.