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How To Edit Images Online [Tutorial]

Img2Go is our versatile image editing and conversion platform. We have introduced it to you earlier, showing all of the web service’s functions.

Most of them are simple: You upload your file, click on “Convert” and that’s all it takes.

Some functions provide even more editing options though! Time to look at the biggest one, the Edit Image function! 

How To Edit An Image

A few of Img2Go‘s functions use an advanced editor. This editor allows you to edit your images, photos, and other pictures in many cool ways. This includes the following functions:

  • Edit Image
  • Crop Image
  • Rotate Image
  • Watermark Image

The “Edit Image” function also includes the functions of the other three functions, so let’s have a look at all you can do when editing photos online using Img2Go.

1. Upload Your Photo

First of all, you need to upload the image you want to edit. Drag & drop your picture, browse your phone or hard drive, enter a link or get your image from cloud storage.

2. The Editor

Above your image, the navigation of all the editing functions that are available is displayed.

Let’s have a look at all of them and some extra features in detail.


Img2Go Edit Image Filters

Img2Go Edit Image Filter Edit

Using the filters, you can play with the colors of your image. Some of these filters, such as brightness, gamma or pixelate, can be even further customized.

Img2Go Edit Image Filter Edit

Don’t forget to click on “Apply” before moving on. You can close the filters again by clicking on “Cancel“.


Img2Go Edit Image Resize

If your image is too big, you can easily resize it before, during or after editing. For this, you have two options available: using the pixel width and height or width and height in percent.

Again, click on “Cancel” to leave and on “Apply” to resize your image.


Img2Go Edit Image Crop

If you only want a portion of your image, you can crop it. There are predefined aspect ratios you can choose from (and move on your image), or you can enter a custom width and height in pixels. Of course, with the custom aspect ratio, you can also define the crop area directly on the image.

Img2Go Edit Image Crop

The “Cancel” button will bring you back without any changes. If you want them applied, click on “Apply”.


Img2Go Edit Image Transform

The transformation function consists of two parts: rotation and mirroring. The arrows allow you to rotate your image by 90° in the respective direction, while the slider on the right allows rotation to a smooth degree.

The buttons in the middle mirror the image either vertically or horizontally.

Make sure to click on “Apply” to apply your changes. You can leave by clicking on “Cancel”.


Img2Go Edit Image Draw

This feature hardly needs any explanation, does it? Choose a color (clicking on the palette allows you to choose a custom color), choose a brush type, choose a brush size, and draw away!

To preserve your drawing, click on “Apply”. To go back, simply click on “Cancel”.


Img2Go Edit Image Text

Adding text to your image is also easy. Click on “Add Text“. A text field will appear on your image. Double-click on it to add your text. If you click anywhere on your image and then on the text again, you can further edit it. Change color and font, move it around, change the size, and rotate it.

Img2Go Edit Image Text Edit

Click on “Apply” to save the text you added. With “Cancel”, you can go back to the editor.

Img2Go Edit Image Edit TextAfter you applied your changes, so to speak, you can do even more with your texts. On the lefthand upper corner, more options will pop up that allows you to:

  • add more text
  • delete the text
  • mirror it
  • provide even more options

The gear opens a new sub-menu of editing options.

Img2Go Edit Image Edit Text

With “Shadow”, you can add a drop shadow to your text with color, blur, and offset settings, while “Color” allows you to change the color again. “Outline” adds an outline to your text with customizable color and width, and “Background” ads a colored background to the whole text block. “Texture” and “Gradient” overlay your text with either a texture you can choose or upload or a color gradient. “Opacity”, naturally, changes the opacity of your text. Lastly, “Text Style” allows you to align your text, add italics or strike-through, and the like.

Just remember to always click “Apply” when you made changes to your text!


Img2Go Edit Image Shapes

Adding shapes works similarly to adding text. First, choose the shape you want to use and add it to your image. Then, click “Apply” to get access to the further editing as described above.


Img2Go Edit Image Stickers

Adding stickers to your image is also easy. We have some stickers available for you to put onto your image. You can also move, mirror, rotate or change their size, of course.


Img2Go Edit Image Frames

Adding a frame to your image is likewise easy. Just choose the one you like best and click on it. Using the little gear, you can then change the size of the frame as well.

Don’t forget to click on “Apply” or on “Cancel” to leave without saving your changes.


Img2Go Edit Image Corners

A frame is not what you want? Then maybe you want to add rounded corners to your image. You can adjust the radios using the slider. If you save the image in a format that supports transparency (e.g. PNG), the rounded corners will be transparent. In case you save it as a, e.g., JPG, the cut out parts will be white.

Add Layer

Creating a watermark or adding another image to your photo is easy with the “Add Layer” function. Just upload the image or images you want as an overlay. By clicking on them afterward, you can still move, resize, rotate, etc. them.

3. Save Your Image

Img2Go Edit Image Save

After you have edited your image to your liking, it’s time to save it.

On the right side of the editor, you can choose the format you want for your edited image as well as a name.

For PNG and JPG conversion, we even support a quality setting for you where you can set the quality (and thus influence the file size) of your output image.

Last but not least, you can change the DPI of the picture and save the file.

4. Some Pro-Tips

  1. Use the fullscreen mode for uninterrupted image editing.
  2. With your mouse’s scroll wheel, you can zoom in and out of your image.
  3. If you are happy with the “work in progress” of your image, click on “Merge” to merge all added changes onto one layer before you proceed.

Example image by fiveamstories on Unsplash