Google Chrome Downloads

How To Activate/Unblock Automatic Downloads In Chrome

Google’s popular browser, Google Chrome, provides you with the possibility to automatically allow or block automatic downloads from different domains.

Today, we want to show you, how you can activate automatic downloads for pages you use frequently – or how to block domains you do not want any automatic download from.

Automatic Downloads in Google Chrome

Automatic downloads could be potentially threatening. Malicious websites can try to install malware on your system or inject it with viruses.

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On the other hand, it can be handy to allow certain sites you use on a regular basis to download content you want or need from them automatically.

Let’s find out how you can tweak these settings in your Chrome browser.

How To Change Automatic Download Settings In Google Chrome

1.Click on the three dots that open your Chrome menu

2. Go to “Settings

3. Scroll down and click on “Advanced” to show more advanced settings

4. In the section “Privacy and security”, click on “Content settings

5. Go to “Automatic downloads

6. Here, you can either remove or add domains to two lists that either block all automatic downloads or allow them for those domains.
Furthermore, you can toggle whether you want to be asked by Chrome before a file is downloaded.