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File Download for iPhone & iPad

As an Apple user, you know that downloading files from the web browser (Safari or other) is not easy.

Why is Apple making it so difficult to download a file to your iPhone or iPad? And, more importantly, what can you do instead?

We have the answers for you! Find out below.

iOS File Download

PDFs and other documents – but also other files such as images, music or videos – can be difficult for iOS users to get onto their phone or tablet. Sometimes, files you want to download from your browser are saved in the iCloud or iTunes. In some cases, however, it might happen that the file just opens in your browser. Or “vanishes” altogether.

Apple Download Restrictions

Apple’s security restrictions are quite strict, especially when it comes to file downloads. They have been loosened a bit over the past years, yet Android device users still benefit from a less restrictive system. Supposedly, these restrictions should protect you from downloading any kind of malware or prevent websites you visit from downloading something onto your iPad or iPhone without your notice.

Unveiling Apple’s “true” intent behind the restrictions is not our goal. What we want to do is to help you download your files from PDF2Go and other websites!

How To Download Files In iOS

There are a few different ways how to download your documents, images, but also music, videos, and other files, onto your iPhone or iPad.

Thus, let’s find out how to download your files from and other pages.

1. Save Directly To Your Phone

Some files can actually be saved a lot easier than others. This applies to images and photos. If you clicked on “Download”, the image in question is opened in your browser. There, you can easily save it to your camera roll.

Below, we converted a PDF document into an image. To save it, tap anywhere on the screen for a short time. A dialog should pop up, which allows you to save the image.

2. Save To Dropbox Or Other Cloud Storage Apps

Other files, such as documents or e-books, are harder to download. However, there are apps that you can use for this purpose. The apps we are referring to are so-called cloud storage apps. Dropbox is probably the most known and used one.

PDF2Go allows you to directly upload to Dropbox or Google Drive from the download page, thus all you have to do is to click on the respective button.