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Create HTML Tables Online [Tutorial]

It can be very tedious to create an HTML table. Every empty cell has to be considered, all rows and columns have to be written down perfectly, and copy-and-pasting becomes more difficult when you cannot introduce any error or your table is completely screwed. And let’s not even talk about merged cells.

Luckily, we found a very easy way to create a table in HTML to put on your website. What you need for this is a spreadsheet file such as XLX or XLSX (Microsoft Excel), ODS (LibreOffice) or CSV, and our free online PDF converter.

Convert Excel To HTML

Creating a table using a spreadsheet program is easy, after all, they were made for exactly this. Merging cells and other advanced formatting is easily done.

Doing everything you can do in, e.g., Microsoft Excel while creating a table in HTML can be tough and time-consuming. But converting the spreadsheet to HTML is easy and fast!

1. Create a table.

For this, you can use any spreadsheet program of your choosing. Microsoft Office’s Excel might be the most well-known, but you can also use free programs such as LibreOffice Calc.

We used the latter to create the table below.

LibreOffice Table

2. Upload your file to the converter.

This PDF converter allows you to convert PDF files to, among others, HTML – but it also supports other document formats, spreadsheets included. Upload your XLS, XLSX or ODS file and click on “Save Changes.” You can also drag-and-drop your file there or choose one from a cloud storage, of course.

Make sure you choose HTML (*.html) in the format drop-down menu.

Excel To HTML Converter

3. Download the HTML file

It takes a short time and then you can download the converted file. You can open it in a browser directly and have a look at your table. We opened our file in Google Chrome, as you can see below. The formatting and the merged cells were retained perfectly.

HTML Table Online

You can also open the file in a text editor. That way, you can copy the HTML code of the table and use it on your website or insert it into a blog article, and the like.

HTML Table in Notepad