The NEW Edit PDF Page

Some of you might have already noticed, but we gave our Edit PDF function a complete makeover! Here’s what’s new and improved in one, quick and concise article.

Edit PDF Online

When you visit the page under www.PDF2Go.com/Edit-PDF, everything seems like on the old editor. But once you uploaded your file – either by dropping it in the upload field, uploading it from your hard drive, cloud storage or by providing a URL – you’ll see the changes immediately!

The tools you can use for editing have moved from the right side to the top of the canvas, easily accessible.

There, you can find the tools to add text, drawings, shapes, lines and images, as well as the whiteout and highlight functions. Underneath, you can find the helpful tools that allow you to zoom in and out of your page, undo and redo changes, delete or move elements you added, and more.

On the left, you can toggle two different sidebars by using the respective button.

Clicking on “Pages” will give you an overview of all the pages of your document. Just browse through them and click on the one you want to edit.

When you click on “Options”, you get further options for the functions in the top navigation. Stroke size will determine the width of lines for arrows, lines, free forms, circles, etc.

Furthermore, you can determine the color of your lines and fills for the shapes, as well as the font color.

More font settings include font style, type, and size.

Attention: make sure to specify these options BEFORE adding text or a shape.

When you did all your changes, all that’s left is to save your PDF. You can do so by clicking on the according button.

Before you save, however, you get the option to add advanced security to your PDF. Usually, PDFs are searchable. This function will help you to restrict this and, if you used the whiteout tool, to not reveal content you censored or removed.

So, tick the little box next to it and you are got to go with one last click on “Save”.