Microsoft BMP to PDF

Convert From BMP To PDF – Online & For Free [Tutorial]

There are so many different image file formats all over the internet. Some are used more than others, and slowly but surely, some formats are replaced by more modern and adept ones. One of the formats more on the descend is BMP, the Microsoft bitmap image format.

So, what can you do with such old and possibly soon deprecated image files? Easy: convert them to PDF! We can show you how in just three simple steps.

Turn BMP Into PDF

But first, what are BMP files even? These bitmap image files are raster images with large file sizes. This is the reason, why smaller files such as JPGs, PNGs, and GIFs are far more common across the web.

Thus, for sending, sharing, let alone printing, a PDF document would be far superior to the BMP format.

Convert BMP To PDF

  1. Go to
  2. Upload your BMP image. You can do so via drag&drop, using cloud storage, uploading from your phone or hard drive, or even by entering a link.
  3. Click on “Save Changes“ and wait for your image to be converted. Download your new PDF.

If you want to extract text from the BMP, you can also use the OCR option. Just tick the box after you uploaded your image. Please note that this only works for machine-written text.

More about OCR.