Image Collage

Create An Image Collage In PDF [Tutorial]

A great way to share your photos, images, all kinds of pictures is by creating a huge image collage. That way, you don’t have to send or upload all individually.

In the past, we have raved about the advantages of PDF a lot, thus it’s only natural that we show you how to create a free collage out of your image sin the PDF document format.

PDF Image Collage

The following three simple steps will show you how to easily turn your images into a PDF picture collage.

It doesn’t matter which format your images are saved in (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF or even a mix of all). Furthermore, the pages will all be in the size and orientation (portrait, landscape) as the original images.

1. Convert Your Images To PDF

To do so, go to and upload your images. They can be uploaded via links, hard drive storage, cloud services or a combination of all of them. Once everything is uploaded, click on “Save Changes”. The service will then turn all your images into PDFs.

2. Merge The PDFs

Instead of downloading each PDF on the download page and re-uploading them to merge them, there is an easier way to do so. Further down the download page, you have the option to further edit your files. Simply choose “Merge PDF” here (and make sure all PDFs are selected).

3. Sort The Images

Optionally, once the PDFs are loaded for the merge, you can change the order they should appear them in the final PDF. Once you are satisfied, click on “Save” to open the menu and once more on “Save” to start the merging process.

4. Check Out Your Image Collage

The result from the merging above is your finalized image collage.