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The Problem With Ad Blockers

PDF2Go, Img2Go, and Video2Edit have several things in common.

  • They all allow elaborate editing of PDF documents, images, and videos respectively.
  • They offer you powerful conversion tools to convert into different formats of the same file type (e.g. documents, images, videos, etc.) or in completely different formats (e.g. ebooks, audio files, etc.).
  • The basic usage of all tools is completely free!
Free Services

The Freemium-Model

Services like these file editing and conversion websites are called “freemiums“. The word is a portmanteau of “free” and “premium” which means that these services provide a free service that can be upgraded or improved by purchasing some sort of premium addition.

While you can now upgrade your PDF2Go membership, for example, to merge more files, upload larger PDF files, etc., the service started out being completely free. These kinds of websites, however, need to be financed as well.

Behind every free service, there is work – and costs. The domain and servers, the certificates to make sure your files are 100% safe, the people developing PDF conversion for you, the coding of the website to make it as user-friendly as possible, …

All these things cost money. Instead of charging for the service, however, the team behind PDF2Go (and Img2Go and Video2Edit) decided to finance the project using something very common in the digital space: ads.

Advertisement is an easy way to generate some income while keeping the service provided free for our users. Thus, the service can remain free while also covering some of the costs that arose during developing and maintaining the service.

So, what about Ad Blockers?

You surely have come across websites that open up a huge pop-up when you have an ad blocker installed. They prevent you from reading and viewing their content unless you decide to disable the ad blocker for them.

We don’t do that!

In general, there is no problem in using ad blockers, otherwise, browsers wouldn’t support using them. However, if you are using one, you need to be aware that you might be prohibiting certain websites and services from earning money with their product. This, in turn, keeps it free for you to use.

Thus, in order to support free services all over the net, you can:

  • consider making a donation
  • or simply disable ad-block.