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How To Type On A PDF

PDF Documents are known for their consistent and never-changing formatting. This is very helpful in many ways since the documents always look the same. For example for sharing, printing, uploading, transfer, etc.

However, what if you want to add to a PDF? Text, graphics, images, or drawings?

Then you need a powerful tool like PDF2Go!

How To Write On A PDF – Two Methods

Following, I will show you not one, but two ways in which you can type on a PDF. Even adding images, drawings or graphics will be easy with these methods.

And best of all: it’s for free!

1. Edit PDF

With PDF2Go’s Edit PDF function, you can add text to any existing PDF. But not only that! Images, frames, drawings, arrows, circles, boxes, … There are many elements that can be added to add to or emphasize what’s already written in a PDF.

Here is a list of tutorials on how to edit your PDF:

The disadvantage of this method is that you can only add new text boxes in addition to the already existing content of the PDF.

2. Convert To Word

Another way to add text to your PDF is to convert it to Word – or the text document format you prefer.

The advantage of this conversion is that you can add directly to the text or even change the text that’s already in the PDF. This means that the changes you can make are a lot more versatile compared to the first method. Of course, depending on the writing software you use, you can also add graphics, tables, images, clipart, and more.

Once you changed the contents to your liking, you can, of course, easily convert back to PDF. Following are some helpful tutorials for you: