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How To Use Different Highlight Colors [Tutorial]

Using a highlighter can up your note-taking game when done right. When studying, getting into a new topic of interest or if you simply want to get the most out of an article, highlighting can help you to visualize the information.

Read more to find out how to use different colored highlighters online!

Why Use Different Colors For Highlighting

Several sources have pointed out that using just one highlighting color is one of the pitfalls that makes note-taking less effective actually. Using a color-system to highlight certain parts (direct quotes, hypotheses, claims, studies, references, etc.) can, instead, help you to remember information better.

If you look at a text and immediately know that red-highlighted parts are important, green indicates a definition, and blue suggests further reading, you can browse an article much faster.

How To Differently Highlight Online?

Now, let’s see how you can use different highlight colors when using PDFs instead of printed-out paper. It’s easy, trust me!

1. Open the PDF Editor

Go to PDF2Go.com/Edit-PDF to open the free online PDF editor. Easily upload your file from your hard drive, a link or cloud storage.

Of course, PDF documents with several pages are supported as well. You can browse them once the editor has loaded.

2. Get familiar with the Editor

The interface is quite easy to decode at first glance. Upon start-up, you see all features available to you at the top (with additional, helpful, options underneath). By default, on the left, you see all the pages of your PDF. If you want to work with another page, simply click on it.

3. Choose the Highlight feature

You can find the highlight feature in the top navigation. It will create a colored, semi-transparent box over whatever you choose to highlight.

4. Change the color of your Highlight

On the left, click on “Options” in order to change from the page-view to show the different options you have. What’s interesting for us here are the options underneath “Color“.

There, you can change the background color of your highlight, which will change the color of the highlight in total.

NOTE: make sure to change the color BEFORE you highlight. Changing it afterward won't work (just like in real life).

Further Notes

If you made a mistake and used the wrong color, you can easily remove the highlight again. To do so choose “Select”, then select the highlight you want to get rid of and click on “Delete”.

If you want, you can also layer the highlights, change the opacity, and add a border.

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