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How To Open Corrupted Google Drive Files [Tutorial]

One of PDF2Go’s users came to us with an issue they had with an e-mail attachment. While the document opened just fine with the Google Drive link they got, it could not be opened after downloading it anymore.

Something must have gone wrong when downloading. Opening the document always gave an error. Luckily, there is a way to save such documents that cannot be properly downloaded from Google Drive.

How To Open Corrupt Documents From GDrive

The easiest way to preserve a document that has, somehow, been corrupted when downloading from GDrive, is to generate a PDF. Don’t worry, if you need it editable later, you can always convert to Word or to text afterward.

So, let’s get this PDF!

1. Don’t download the file

In some way, downloading the file causes it to become corrupted. So, what you should avoid, is downloading it. Open the file directly in Google Drive.

In our user’s case, they could open it in their e-mail program, in this case, Microsoft Outlook. This would work as well, as long as you do not attempt to save the file.

2. Use a PDF printer

Most computers have a PDF or XPS (in Windows’ case) printer pre-installed. Instead of saving the opened document, you can print it. This way, you can easily create a PDF or XPS file from the document.

To do so, simply choose to “print” the document. Your computer will then give you some additional options where you can also choose the printer. Select a PDF or XPS printer there.

3. Get the file you really need

Maybe a PDF is what you wanted all along, then you are basically done after saving the printed PDF somewhere on your hard drive. If you, however, need a Word document or used Microsoft’s XPS printer, you may want to convert your file into the desired format as a last step.

You can easily do so with these free PDF converters: