NEW & IMPROVED PDF Compression

Constant investigation and improvement are some of the things PDF2Go strives for. While we offer a highly advanced and powerful PDF conversion and editing service, we are constantly looking for ways to improve even further. Our latest “project” has been the compress PDF feature.

Read more to find out how compressing PDF documents and thus reducing their file size has been improved.

Improved File Size Reduction

In addition to our already existing presets – more about compression presets here – we added two more options:

  • Basic Compression
  • Strong Compression

Basic Compression compresses your PDF down to medium file size while maintaining relatively high quality.

Strong Compression, on the other hand, reduces the file size much more while aiming for a medium quality of the document.

To show the difference between the two a lot better, we compressed an existing PDF document with an original size of 8,585 KB (8 MB). Following, you can see how small the file became with each compression:

  • Basic Compression: 392 KB (95,42 % smaller)
  • Strong Compression: 225 KB (97,37 % smaller)

Head on over to Compress PDF on to find out how small we can make your file!