How To Convert From EPUB to PDF [Tutorial]

If you are an avid ebook reader, you surely know about the popular EPUB format. It’s used to read electronic books on designated devices or even apps and browser add-ons that allow you to read ebooks on your computer, laptop, or phone. However, sometimes, the PDF format is much more versatile.

10 Reasons Why We Love PDF

Luckily, turning your EPUB into PDF is very easy. All you need for this is this free EPUB to PDF converter. Read more to find out how to convert from EPUB to PDF online.

Turn eBooks Into PDF Documents

EPUB is one of the most common ebook file formats – next to MOBI and AZW. There are many plugins and add-ons, that allow you to read EPUBs on your computer, as well as mobile apps to use your phone or tablet as an ebook reader.

However, there are things you cannot do with an EPUB file. Editing it, extracting text, and even opening it without these special programs and apps is difficult if not impossible. This is where the PDF format comes to mind, which is not only easy to open on almost any device, but is also optimized for printing.

How To Convert From EPUB To PDF

So, how can you make a PDF out of your ebook? With an online PDF converter all it takes is a few clicks (and a stable internet connection).

Follow these three simple steps and your EPUB or even another ebook file is converted into a PDF within a few minutes:

  1. Go to www.PDF2Go.com/EPUB-to-PDF
  2. Upload your ebook – you can use direct upload, a cloud service, or a URL.
  3. Click on “Start”. Now, you only have to wait for a bit. On the next page, you can download your converted PDF file.