PDF Fast Web View

What Is PDF Fast Web View?

PDF is a versatile and popular format that is used in all kinds of areas. It’s very popular on the internet as well, especially to share forms, articles, and other information. But there’s another way to share PDFs online next to offering them as a download.

Many pages use PDF directly to display certain information. Flyers, restaurant menus, retail catalogs, newsletters, and realty pamphlets are only a few examples. But why should you use PDFs for that? And how can you make the loading times and general user experience more pleasant? Read more to find out.

PDF Fast Web View Explained

Showing off designed flyers and other information on the web, containing many images and other design elements, is a great way to improve engagement and user experience with your web presence.

However, many images or big PDFs can increase loading times to an almost unbearable amount. To not make users click away in frustration, you can use fast web view to optimize a PDF for the web.

Optimizing a PDF using fast web view applies a method to the PDF that will show elements more dynamically. This means that certain elements in the PDF, such as text, design elements such as boxes, and images, are loaded faster. This way, parts of the PDF can be shown to the user while others are still loading, giving users the opportunity to get the most important information already.

How To Optimize PDFs For The Web

And how can you use PDF fast web view for your menu, catalog, or flyer? It’s easy, fast, and completely free if you follow the three steps below.

  1. Go to www.PDF2Go.com/Linearize-PDF
  2. Upload your PDF via direct upload, a cloud service, or a URL.
  3. Click on “Start”. After a short wait, you can download your optimized PDF.

This PDF can now be embedded into your website. Give it a try, it’s free!