PDF2Go Is Multilingual

English is one of the main languages found on the internet. Almost every website has at least an English translation or was originally written in English. PDF2Go is no exception to this rule.

First, our PDF editing tools were available in English, but soon, more and more languages followed. Reason enough to take a look at which languages we offer. Since that would be a very quick ordeal, we have also gathered some facts about languages worldwide. Read on!  Continue reading PDF2Go Is Multilingual

Your Job Application & Social Media

Social Media is becoming an important part of your job application – in very different ways. This article will provide a quick overview of facts and things you should keep in mind when you are looking for a new job while being active on social media.

Writing your application right now? Then check out other helpful tips on how to apply for a new jobContinue reading Your Job Application & Social Media

Tips For Your Online Job Application

Nowadays, it’s normal to not only hunt for a job online, but to apply for it using the internet as well. We have already talked about why you should send your job application as a PDF. But there are also possibilities to apply completely online without uploading anything but your testimonials and certificates.

Find out what you have to keep in mind for an online job application and how to avoid mistakes when using a job application form.  Continue reading Tips For Your Online Job Application

What Should A Perfect Job Application Contain

Your job application letter is the first impression you make on your new potential employer. And you of course want to make sure that this first impression is perfect.

We already had a look at how PDF2Go can help you with your job application. But what does a good job application even contain? Have a look with us! Continue reading What Should A Perfect Job Application Contain

How PDF2Go Can Help You With Your Job Application

In last week’s article, we gave you some handy guidelines in which format you should save your job application and why PDF is a perfect format for this. If you missed it, you can read it here:
Why You Should Send Your Job Application As PDF

But this is not everything PDF2Go can do for you when you are hunting for a new job! We can not write your resume, cover letter or biography for you, but we can help in many other ways. Find out how PDF2Go makes applying for a job easier for you!  Continue reading How PDF2Go Can Help You With Your Job Application

Why You Should Send Your Job Application As PDF

When you’re applying for a new job, there’s a lot you have to think about. Form and formulations, dates and skills, information and presentation. With your mind occupied with these more content-related things, the format of your application is often times just an afterthought.

Yet, this is actually quite important! When sending your application via mail or uploading it directly to your future employer’s website, you need to choose a format that is easy to open and view. Overly complicated or not compatible files go straight to the bin.

In order for this to not happen to you, you should consider converting your job application to PDF! Why? Find out:  Continue reading Why You Should Send Your Job Application As PDF

PDF Alternatives – Other File Formats You Can Use

Of course we love the PDF document format and how could we not. It’s versatile and editable, widely supported and easy to handle. And yet, there might be reasons why you want to use another format similar to PDF that is not tied to Adobe.

Whatever your reason may be – compatibility, support, proprietorship – we have looked around to present you some alternatives to the PDF document format. If you are looking for an alternative to PDF readers and viewers, check out our list of Adobe PDF Reader Alternatives. Continue reading PDF Alternatives – Other File Formats You Can Use

How PDF2Go Can Boost Your Productivity

Being productive is not an easily triggered state. It requires calm and concentration for some, organized chaos for others. What is always a crucial part of productivity, however, is time-saving. The less time we spent on an unnecessary task, the more time we have to be actually productive.

This is where PDF2Go comes into play. With our online PDF editing services, you can save time – and struggle – and thus be more productive. Read on and find out how using this online PDF editor will help you be more productive!  Continue reading How PDF2Go Can Boost Your Productivity

Online PDF Converter Without Adobe

Of course, Adobe deserves our biggest thanks for creating such a perfect file format like PDF! However, you luckily do not need to use an Adobe project to open, view and edit a PDF document!

These first two – opening & viewing PDFs – can be handled by many third-party programs. Or even your browser. We listed the best PDF viewers for multiple platforms already if you want to check out an Adobe Reader alternative.

This article will show you that you do not need an Adobe product to edit a PDF either. All you need is an online PDF converter like PDF2GoContinue reading Online PDF Converter Without Adobe