Why Online Is Better Than Offline (Sometimes)

Nowadays, many aspects of our lives happen online. We date and meet up on the web. We shop and pay in online shops. We gather information and inspiration from sites like Wikipedia and Pinterest. We even work online. And of course we edit PDF online.

Even though or especially because of that, many people try to concentrate on their lives offline more and more again, fleeing from the always connected world into one they can smell, feel and enjoy. Of course we encourage you to explore nature and meet up with friends for a non-virtual coffee. And yet, there are a few distinct advantages the online handling of things has over the offline approach. Lets have a look at those advantages on the basis of online PDF editingContinue reading Why Online Is Better Than Offline (Sometimes)

10 Benefits Of Using A Cloud Service

Cloud Services have been around since the 1960’s. And yet, it is today that we use it to a greater extend than ever before.

When using PDF2Go, you have the opportunity to use PDF files and other documents from a cloud storage. Likewise, you can upload your edited PDF or converted file to a cloud service.

That’s enough reason to have a closer look at the benefits using such a web storage service has.  Continue reading 10 Benefits Of Using A Cloud Service

Sign A PDF By Using A Picture Of Your Signature

Some things can not wait. You may be on vacation, on the road, simply anywhere but close to your computer – and someone asks you to immediately send back a signed document. Without a computer and printer, there is not much you can do, right?

Wrong! With the help of the Edit Page function on PDF2Go, you can sign a document easily using nothing but your camera and this free online PDF editing service. Lets find out how!  Continue reading Sign A PDF By Using A Picture Of Your Signature

Why PDF Is The Best Document Format For WhatsApp

Document sharing has been a feature that has been introduced to WhatsApp some time ago. Sharing images and videos is one of the key usages of WhatsApp nowadays. With documents, another file type improved the experience of WhatsApp users all over the world.

As a provider of PDF conversion, it is one of our duties to keep you informed about all kinds of ways on how to share your documents with coworkers, friends, and family. Thus, let’s have a look at why PDF is the format you should use for sharing documents on WhatsApp.  Continue reading Why PDF Is The Best Document Format For WhatsApp

No Stress During Summer Vacation: Thanks Mobile PDF2Go

The 20th or 21st of June – depending on where you live – marks the beginning of summer on the Northern hemisphere. And what’s the best about summer? Summer vacation of course!

Unfortunately, for some people it is impossible to leave work behind. Even when they lay on the beach with their legs stretched out and toes in the sand. With PDF2Go, people “like this” luckily have a mobile and still fully functional solution for PDF editing and conversion problems!  Continue reading No Stress During Summer Vacation: Thanks Mobile PDF2Go

PDF2Go Is Multilingual

English is one of the main languages found on the internet. Almost every website has at least an English translation or was originally written in English. PDF2Go is no exception to this rule.

First, our PDF editing tools were available in English, but soon, more and more languages followed. Reason enough to take a look at which languages we offer. Since that would be a very quick ordeal, we have also gathered some facts about languages worldwide. Read on!  Continue reading PDF2Go Is Multilingual

Your Job Application & Social Media

Social Media is becoming an important part of your job application – in very different ways. This article will provide a quick overview of facts and things you should keep in mind when you are looking for a new job while being active on social media.

Writing your application right now? Then check out other helpful tips on how to apply for a new jobContinue reading Your Job Application & Social Media

Tips For Your Online Job Application

Nowadays, it’s normal to not only hunt for a job online, but to apply for it using the internet as well. We have already talked about why you should send your job application as a PDF. But there are also possibilities to apply completely online without uploading anything but your testimonials and certificates.

Find out what you have to keep in mind for an online job application and how to avoid mistakes when using a job application form.  Continue reading Tips For Your Online Job Application

What Should A Perfect Job Application Contain

Your job application letter is the first impression you make on your new potential employer. And you of course want to make sure that this first impression is perfect.

We already had a look at how PDF2Go can help you with your job application. But what does a good job application even contain? Have a look with us! Continue reading What Should A Perfect Job Application Contain